From concept to installation

We offer a complete turn-key solution for the design of your laboratory. Our goal is to cooperate with you to come to a practical and modern workplace, where safety, ergonomics and design are important.


Based on your requirements, the space available, and the work that will be carried out in the laboratory, we will develop a furnishing concept together with you. Of course we will take into account both the technical and the economic possibilities. From this concept we will make an offer to get a comprehensive overview. Of course this is without any obligation and free of charge.


After that, the concept will be further developed in which the entire laboratory furniture will be drawn and provided with the necessary information for third parties (elektra head points, supply and drain piping etc.)

Project management

There is one contactperson per project therefore the communication lines are short and clear. The project manager coordinates the project and consults with the client and other stakeholders about the progress. He will take part in a joint construction and/or work meetings to coordinating everything and provide technical information.


Assembly of the furniture is carried out by our own skilled mechanics (VCA certified). We also offer the ability to deliver the laboratory completely ready for operation which means that both the installation (electricity/water/gas/drain) and exhaust systems could be connected by us.

Service and Warranty

After the completion of a project our work is not done yet. In addition to a good service and warranty our service technicians can also take care of the control and maintenance of fume cupboards and furniture.

Questions or advice? Feel free to contact us!