Fume cupboards

Fume Cupboards

Often tests or experiments are conducted in laboratories where dangerous gases or fumes are released that may be harmful to the laboratory technician. When these work activities are performed in a properly functioning fume cupboard (EN 14 175) the personal protection is guaranteed. Depending on the work, used chemicals and space conditions, there are several solutions possible. In addition to a number of standard types, you can also choose for custom solutions.

Energy saving

Average laboratories use about 5 to 10 times as much energy as an office. With current energy prices, it becomes increasingly interesting to find out where the big energy users are and save on it. Climate control and air treatment are the major energy users in a lab. Fume cupboards are often a big part of it. A fume cupboard continuously draws heated air from the room and blows it outside into the air. A good way to avoid unnecessary consumption is the fume cupboard consistently turn off when it is not used. However, the problem only occurs when the fume cupboard has to run for 24/7. Certainly, when multiple cabinets are installed in 1 room, this requires a large amount of air from the laboratory room.

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More information about dimensions, working safely with fume cupboards, etc. download: Vinitex Fume cupboards.