Standard Fume cupboard

The standard fume cupboard AS is used for general use like industrial laboratories, hospitals, universities, research and inspection institutes, control stations etc. The fittings and electrical facilities can be made to specification. The spout of the fittings is standard provided on the back wall. Optionally, one can also choose sidewall mounting. In addition, there are various worktops and accessory options for fulfilling individual wishes. The fume hood is permanently mounted and must be connected to an external exhaust system for proper operation.

Based on the construction, an airflow is created in the fume cupboard which ensures that gases and vapours cannot get out of the cupboard. When working with HF (Hydrogen fluoride) we recommend a PP cabin with acrylate sliding windows and flow baffles because of the etching effect of this substance.

Not suitable for work with radioactive substances, micro-organisms and open destructive activities.

Some of the options are:

  • Standard fume cupboard equipped with VAV (Variable air volume) system
  • Special base cabinet or sitting area
  • Waste system integrated
  • Fittings on side wall
  • Separation opening in side wall
  • Etc.

Below are some sample photos.

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