Laboratory furniture

We are specialized in complete Laboratory facilities. The flexible system of Vinitex will fit everywhere. It has already found its way to many laboratories, including hospitals, research institutes, universities, educational institutes, testing services, industry etc.

Vinitex furniture is based on a number of basic principles which can be combined with each other. From this basis the furniture is built. We are trying to do this as much as possible within the existing strings so there is a maximum flexibility , quality is guaranteed and we also can offer a competitive price.

Because we produce all the furniture in our own factory, we have the ability to deliver custom work, where this is desired or necessary. In this way, we are always seek the right balance between standard and custom made to serve our clients the best way in all areas (price, quality, flexibility).

In addition to the advice on our products and the right choice of material, we can also advise you on safety (Arbo, norms, etc.) and sustainability

Below are some sample photos.

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