Company formation by Jacob Pielkenrood in Zaandijk.

Vinitex Pielkenrood began with the construction of boilers, tanks, devices and a product that the ultimate development of the company would determine: Synthetic material. At the end of the fifties the Vinitex Department of the company began with the design and manufacture of fans for many extraction purposes. Soon these PVC fans acquired international renown. The unique chemical resistance, the rugged construction and durability made this one of the most applied exhaust fans in laboratories.

Development first patented fume hood in cooperation with TNO. For this time fume cupboards were architectural elements.



Ralan supply, founded by Martien Raaijmakers. Martien began at the age of 19 in the barn of his parents a company as a supplier in supplying and machining of sheet material. Ralan Supply was supplier of among other worktops, cabinets and other wooden parts of the Vinitex furniture



Martien Raaijmakers takes the laboratory furniture branch of Vinitex Pielkenrood over and moves it to Sint-Oedenrode. Here are now also the production halls of Ralan supply established. This is the first big step in the ambition to deliver a finished product and to have the production of it entirely in-house.



A few years later Stalo Medico (steel processing) is also retrieved. Stalo Medico is a manufacturer of medical furniture for hospitals and nursing homes. Through this acquisition Vinitex is now also able to produce the steel frames and structures themselves.



Through the acquisition of the laboratory installer Norddeutsche Laborbau in Germany the sales market in Europe significantly increases.


Vinitex, located in Sint-Oedenrode and 4 locations in Germany, is responsible for the design, production and installation of laboratories worldwide. The complete production of the furniture is complete in own management, whereby the flexibility and quality are guaranteed. Now our motivated team exist of about 80 employees. Looking at the history, experience and knowledge people could rightfully speak of a specialist in laboratory furniture.