Radio-isotope Fume cupboard

Safety feature for the user, in accordance with DIN 25466. Suction when working with radioactive substances with stricter requirements for radiation protection to protect against inclusion of, infection by and external exposure to radiation.

Categories C and D, Type AS-RC

For working in a laboratory with the categories C and D, The fume hood consists of a stainless steel cabin. The work surface is equipped with a weir because of this there will arise a deep work sheet. The seams between the Cabinet and the floor will be glued together. There is a possibility for a 20mm thick leaden shield placed under the work surface, which also surrounds the drainage sink.

Categories B, type AS-RB

This type of fume cupboard is suitable for the Radio-Isotope laboratory category B. The fume cupboard is provided with a PP cabin. A leaden shield with a thickness of 20mm is positioned under the work surface. This shield also surrounds the drainage sink. Extra support is added to the work surface by using a steel frame. This way the entire unit can withstand a total of 1500 kg.

Filter cupboard

Before the exhaust air will come in the environment, the air from the workspace of the fume hood can be cleaned through a filter system. This filter cupboard will be delivered with an absolute filter and The requisite indicators and pressure gauges. In a matching storage cupboard, the filter cabinet can be placed, for example, right next to the fume cupboard.

Not suitable for open destruction work.

Below are some sample photos.

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