Destruction Fume cupboard

Suitable for open thermal destruction with aggressive media such as nitric and perchloric acid in accordance to EN 14175-7.

The construction of the fume cupboard and the materials used in the workspace determine the possibilities for use when it comes to aggressive media. The standard fume hood is provided with a complete seamless cabin. This cabin is made of white PP with sprinkles installation, heat shields of enamelled hard glass and a worktop which is made of tempered glass which is "floating" on the cabin floor through PP strips. The destruction fume hood is standard equipped with a built-in drop catcher with a catch rate of 99.9% at a droplet size larger than 45mu.

Option Depending on the work there can also be chosen for a ceramic lining or other synthetic cabins, and could be equipped with a gas scrubber and/or neutralization unit.

Not suitable for work with radioactive substances and micro-organisms.

Below are some sample photos.

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